​"Everyone lives only one story called "life", so rewrite when necessary, and make it a good one."

Script coverage from Scriptshark: "First of all, I have to say that I am not a fantasy movie fan, at all... But you, fine screenwriter, have made me change my mind.  And that may be the highest compliment I can give you, the fact that you made me fall into this world, really immerse into this new place and the mystical creatures and such...  You brought us in strong and once we got to meet Felyn in all her sexy and dangerous adult splendor, we were hooked".

Script coverage from, PAGE Awards: "This draft of THE OREGON TALE has plenty of elements that bode well for its commercial possibilities – with the parallels to the mega-hit TITANIC on top of my list."

Dave Brynlund

screenwriter ~ comic book writer

- Wisdom of Dave Brynlund

Dave Brynlund is a vivid story teller, professional screenwriter, and published comic book writer.